Master Routes Case Study: Milk Delivery

We were approached by a dairy farm in India to optimize their milk deliveries. See how MasterRouter created ideal routes – improving the total distance travelled by 43%.

The Challenge

We were approached by a dairy farm to help optimize their milk deliveries in two cities in India, Mumbai and Nashik. The depot in Mumbai had 297 contracts that were serviced by 12 moped drivers while the depot in Nashik had 599 contracts that were serviced by 24 drivers. For both cities, the drivers completed their routes in about 1H30M (Mumbai = 1:33 / Nashik = 1:27).


The Solution

The assigned rep was removed from the contract and MasterRouter was allowed to select which rep would visit a customer and some wonderful results were produced.

While drivers in both cities maintained an average route time of about 1H30M, Mumbai could complete their routes with 9 drivers instead of 12 and Nashik needed 20 drivers instead of 24.

Obviously, with a decrease in the number of drivers but also with better routing, the total distance travelled by drivers dropped by 43%. The average distance driven dropped by 28%.

Looking at the before and after pictures of the routes of Mumbai, it is easy to see the improvements that MasterRouter has made. The outlying customers in the western portion of Mumbai were previously being visited by five different drivers while now they are visited by the same driver.

Zooming into the area surrounding the depot, you can see that MasterRouter has produced excellent results. The customers to the south of the depot are visited by one of three drivers where as previously it took four drivers and an additional four had also been driving through the same area.

“I am happy to recommend MasterRouter, both in terms of the depth and capability of their software as well as the responsiveness and willingness of the team to assist.”

Andre Smit, Solutions Lead – DHL

"Beat delivery optimization has helped us structure our delivery routes, minimizing the manpower and resources required in delivering to 15% more outlets, with 10% lesser cost"

Mayank Pandey, Sales Capability Head – Perfetti

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